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RAILWAYS OF BRITAIN - Client, Kelsey Publishing


A to Z of Railway Preservation Published quarterly in January, April, July and October. An alphabetical survey of all things related to railway preservation in Britain, including steam and diesel locomotives, carriages, preserved railways, surviving historical artefacts, museums, collections, famous builders/designers (their surviving work), miniature railways, etc, etc.


Moving the Goods Published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Subjects have included coal, steel, aggregates, parcels, motor industry, etc. A historical look at moving each commodity by rail using top quality archive material, most of which hasn't previously been published.


Locomotive Legends Published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Each issue looks at a 'Big Four' company and a particular type of motive power, for example LNER, LMS, GWR, SR and BR Express Locomotives have featured. We are currently working through each company's Mixed Traffic locomotives, using archive material and gatefold artworks by Stuart Black.


THE LINE TO THE STARS - Client, Bluebell Railway


Designing and producing a special publication showcasing the Bluebell Railway in film and on TV. Due for publication May, 2016. Published by the Bluebell Railway.




Fortnightly part-work about Britain's monarchs over the centuries, with each issue there is a reproduction coin to collect. The series so far includes King Canute, King George VI , Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII, among others.


SHIPS OF WAR - Client, Amercom 


Fortnightly part-work about battleship of the Second World War. Each issue has a scale model battleship to collect.


THE VULCAN - Client, Amercom


Weekly part-work about the legendary delta-wing Avro Vulcan Bomber. Each week there is a set of parts that builds into a large scale model.


FIGHTER ACES - Client, Amercom


Fortnightly part-work about legendary pilots from the First and Second World Wars, with a model of the aercraft they piloted to collect with each issue.

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